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Biological definition of Hydrogen

You do hear, see, and say the word hydrogen quite often.
However, many of us might have a hard time if someone asks us to define and describe what hydrogen is.

Hydrogen is a compound word for the Greek words hydro for “water” and genes for “forming”. This idea makes a perfect sense
because two hydrogen atoms combine with an oxygen atom to form a water molecule.

It is the smallest and lightest element in the universe. It is also the most abundant element in the universe and our body,
and the runner-up is oxygen, accounts for 25% of our by atomic percent.

Recent research results, particularly in the biological and medical field, show that molecular hydrogen is indeed a potent antitoxin
and anti-inflammatory agent. It was found in multiple studies that molecular hydrogen has potential applications as a therapeutic
modality to protect the cells and tissues in our body from being damaged by oxidants.


  • Water, which is essential to life, is formed by the combination of oxygen (a proweful oxidizer) and hydrogen (a powerful reducer). A hydrogen molecule(H2) dissolved in water (H2O) in a hydrogen molecule(H2) state I referred to as hydrogen water.

    Hydrogen-rich water is water with infused hydrogen gas (hydrogen molecules), hydrogen molecules in water act as powerful antioxidants. These molecules help neutralize oxygen free radicals that contribute to disease development, inflammation, and aging.

    By drinking hydrogen rich water, it is absorbed into intestine within 1 minute, and spreads through whole body within 10 minutes, so it works on removing free radicalsand prevent cellular damage. Each sip of Hydrogen-rich water will fill your bodies with trillions of hydrogen molecules.

    As a natural antioxidant, molecular hydrogen successfully effective molecule to scavenger or pair up with toxic hydroxyl radicals and neutralizes them.

  • There is no toxicity of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) because the byproduct of the
    free-radical neutralizing reaction is water. Each molecule of H2 will neutralize
    to hydroxyl radicals into two molecules of H2O hydrating your cells which has
    only positive effect. That water will be flushed out of the body with urine and

Benefits of Hydrogen water

  • An antioxidant and
    prevents brain damage
  • Help reduce skin cards
    and wrinkles
  • Suppression of
  • Reduce muscle fatigue,
    motor deficits, and
    muscle degeneration
  • Prevention of metabolic
  • Help in weight loss
  • The treatment of
  • Prevention of Cancer
  • Boost skin health
  • Combat allergy
  • Protect the liver & lung
    and promote gut health
  • Relief of pain
  • Prolongation of life
  • Antibacterial and
    promote oral health
  • Enhances wound


Natural Nano-bubble hydrogen water
by biontech electrolysis technology

  • 01. Dissolved hydrogen:800-1200ppb in water
  • 02. Dry membrane, the first in the filed

    It prevents the bacterial growth for long-term moisture.

    It prevents the crack phenomenon that can be caused by long-term use.

    It generates the hydrogen rich water in a short-time for the membrane’s wide cross sectional area.

  • 03. Natural Platinum Coated Electrode

    It can be used semi-permanently for the thickness platinum coated electrode in Korea.

    It can be helpful to absorb the water molecule(cluster) technology.

    When dissembled water, the abundant dissolved hydrogen holds an active oxygen.

  • 04. Cleaning function, Only Biotech

    One touch self-cleaning system

  • 05. Secure safety with Smart Current Control (SSC) Technology
  • 06. International patent application for water leak prevention
  • 07. EPA register

    Ensuring performance and safety

  • 08. 99.9% effect of sterilization and deodorization
  • 09. No chemical and eco-friendly
  • 09. Prevent short circuit with magnetic charging cable

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