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It is Biontech's firm belief that filters must enable water
to fulfill its role and function.

Biontech strictly selects raw materials whose quality have been certified under international standards.

  • 01. Bottom-up flow structure enables precision water purification
  • 02. Pyramid structure enhances compression within filters for better purification function
  • 03. High quality active carbon produces cleaner water
  • 04. The calcium net within the filter adds various mineral in the water, increasing water quality
  • 05. Fillers made from high quality materials result in effective purification
  • 06. Water purification ability is magnified using compressed 7-layer purification materials
  • 07. Hollow fiber membrane filtering removes harmful heavy metals but leaves various minerals
  • 08. Use of smart filter prevents use of counterfeits

Manufacturer : BionTech Co., Ltd.
President & CEO : Gyudae Cho Address : 298-15, Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do(Geumjeong-dong), South Korea.15809

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Sales Company : BionTech Life Co., Ltd.
President & CEO : Guydae Cho Address : 298-11,
Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (Geumjeong-dong), South Korea.15809

Business registration number : 123-86-38628
Medical equipment sales registration number :
Telemarketing registration : 2017-Gyeonggi Gunpo-0442

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