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  • Exclusively developed instant heating technology

    Developed by LS Daewon, the instant water heating system can
    continuously supply hot water in winter with reduce power consumption
    compared to previous thank-type bidet models.

  • Regular bowel movement
    (Patented in Korea)

    Patented nozzle structure ejects powerful flow of water to aimed area.
    Mixed in air bubbles helps with soft washing and constipation.

  • Energy save

    Instant water heater is only operational when using warm water.
    Effectively saving energy compared to tank-type bidets.

  • Movement distance control

    Our newer models furnished with a move unction that offers
    5 different settings for different users.
    (5 settings from 3 to 10mm)

Manufacturer : BionTech Co., Ltd.
President & CEO : Gyudae Cho Address : 298-15, Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do(Geumjeong-dong), South Korea.15809

Business registration number : 123-81-54813
Medical equipment sales registration number : No. 226 Telemarketing registration : 2013-Gyeonggi Gunpo-0145

Sales Company : BionTech Life Co., Ltd.
President & CEO : Guydae Cho Address : 298-11,
Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (Geumjeong-dong), South Korea.15809

Business registration number : 123-86-38628
Medical equipment sales registration number :
Telemarketing registration : 2017-Gyeonggi Gunpo-0442

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