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We used to feel that our natural environment was destroyed as industry developed.
Therefore, air and water have been some of our major concerns to date.
Electrolyzed Alkaline Water drew our attention in our quest to find the best ways
to maintain healthy daily lives.

After our relentless efforts to develop the ideal water ionizer, we, Biontech, introduced for the first time anywhere, a superb Water Ionizer,
equipped with the convenient functions of artificial intelligence.

The Electrolyzed Water Ionizer is a machine, producing both Alkaline and Acidic waters at the same time.
Our Water Ionizers are used in many places, such as restaurants, hospitals, school cafeterias, workplaces as well as individual homes.
Unlike an RO water purifier, our ionizers are expanding to newer and bigger markets, worldwide.


Ionized water is the product of mild electrolysis which takes place
in the ionized water unit.

Ionized water is treated tap water that has not only been filtered
but has also been reformed in that it provides reduced water with a large mass
of electrons that can be donated to active oxygen in the body to block the
oxidation of normal cells.


Mechanism of Ionized water production

Purified water is electrolyed in the electrolytic cell of the electroysis stage,
where the anode (+) where acid negative ions such as chlorine, sulfide,
and nitrate ions gather generates acidic ionized water, and the cathode (-)
where alkaline positive ions such as calcuim, magnesium, and sodium ions
gather generates alkaline ionized water.

Electrolytic Cell

Using electrode plate which have made in JAPAN

Excellent titanium water with 99.99% platinum plating and pure titanium of expanded size than Standard

Improved ionization performance through embossing effect by sanding the electrode surface

High corrosion protection and continuous electrolytic function

Excellent technology to generate high ORP values even at low PH

DARC (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning System)

Anti-Scale System is an exclusive Biontech technology that innovatively
prevents scale buildups inside the electrolytic cell.

Enhanced durability using ceramic discs

Automatic disc conversion notification sensor prevents mixing of alkaline
and acidic water.

Alkaline Ionized Water for the body

  • Rich minerals in water
    Alkaline water ionized water is high in minerals
    such as calcium, magnesium, sodium
    and potassium.
  • Rapid hydration
    Small size water cluster (50Hz) help cellular activity.
  • Remove body waste
    When the hydrogen meets active oxygen in body,
    it converted into pure water and discharged out of
    the body with waste.
  • pH balance in body
    The pH of alkaline ionized water is between 8.5-11.0.
    pollution, stress, and our consumption of highly
    processed food tend to create acidic body fluids.
    Drinking alkaline ionized water helps our body
    to be neutralized.
  • Excellent ORP figure
  • High dissolved hydrogen(H2) over 1,300ppb
  • Act as an Antioxidant
    Hydrogen molecules in water acts as powerful
    antioxidants and help neutralize oxygen free radicals
    that contribute to disease development, inflammation,
    and aging.
  • Improve the four main stomach problems
    Chronic diarrhea, Chronic diarrhea hyperacidity,
    Indigestion, Heterofermenation in stomach.

How to use
the alkaline
ionized water

Drink regularly to help improve the four most popular gastrointestinal diseases. Making Tea
Given to pets
Reduces odors and makes the fur shinier
Washing vegetables and fruit
Helps with freshness
Cooking meat and fish
Removes odor, enhances taste and flavors, and helps with freshness.
Brewing coffee or tea
Helps with removing the bitter taste and enhancing the depth of taste or flavors.
Cooking rice
Dip rice in alkaline ionized water for 30-60 minutes before cooking and the rice tastes better,
looks shinier and stickier, and will not discolor easily

Alkaline Ionized Water for the body

  • Skin care action
    With pore refining and cleaning action it is beneficial for face washing and bathing.
  • Disinfecting and sterilizing action
    Chorine ions help disinfect and sterilize.

How to use
the alkaline
ionized water

Bathing and cleansing
Helps with smoother, more resilient skin. Use after shampooing to neutralize the alkaline
content of soap and leave your hair sleeker.
Brushing teeth and shaving
Acidic ionized water has the cleansing effect, so it keeps the teeth healthier with
the sterilizing effect and soothes the skin when shaving.
Washing dishes and cutting boards
Dip cutting boards, kitchen cloths, and knives in acidic ionized water for about 20 minutes
to remove odors and help with bleaching and sterilizing.
Cleaning the house
Acidic ionized water can be used to remove dust and clean the bathrooms.
Arranging flowers
Use diluted acidic ionized water on the bottom of flowers to help extend the lifespan of flowers.
Grooming pets
Reduces shedding hair and helps with sleeker fur and deodorization.

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