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CEO’s Message


A company that contributes to the health
and well-being of the humanity.

Healthy life style created by Biontech.
Health is another happiness.

Biontech, since its foundation in 1986 inspired by a health cycle theory, has grown into a model company developing and producing specialized products through analysis of the effects of water on health.

As a result, we developed and commercialized various types of hydrogen water dispensers, water sterilizers, and hydrogen water mist, and an alkaline water ionizer that received medical device approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea.
In addition, as a global water-specialized company, we have expanded our product line to include air purifiers, electric induction ranges, and bidets. Such effort has helped the company establish itself as a health-conscious household electric appliances brand that values a hygienic and health-promoting home space.

Our commitment to promoting the health of mankind by manufacturing products beneficial to health has been the driving force that has propelled the company to grow into a model company over the past 37 years.
As the founder and CEO, I take great pride in the passion and endeavor that I have put into realizing the value.

Biontech is a company focused on products promoting health and a healthy living environment.
The overarching goals of Biontech’s life cycle are health and happiness.
We will do our level best to contribute to the health of people worldwide.



Biontech’s unique philosophy to enhance health and well-being services is embedded in the CI.

The ‘biontech’ logo is the English name of the company.
The wordmark type is designed to represent the harmonic symbol mark and brand identity and our vision for the health and well-being of mankind.

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Manufacturer : BionTech Co., Ltd.
President & CEO : Gyudae Cho Address : 298-15, Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do(Geumjeong-dong), South Korea.15809

Business registration number : 123-81-54813
Medical equipment sales registration number : No. 226 Telemarketing registration : 2013-Gyeonggi Gunpo-0145

Sales Company : BionTech Life Co., Ltd.
President & CEO : Guydae Cho Address : 298-11,
Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (Geumjeong-dong), South Korea.15809

Business registration number : 123-86-38628
Medical equipment sales registration number :
Telemarketing registration : 2017-Gyeonggi Gunpo-0442

TEL : 1899-9336 Weekdays : 09:00~19:00, Saturdays : 09:00~14:00 | Closed on weekends and holidays