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    About Us

    Our desire for health is the principal to realize
    our dream and our most important asset.

    Biontech is standing today by
    "the spirit to contribute to human
    being and health of the people"

    "Healthy people make healthy corporation" - the "health-oriented management"
    by Biontech is expanding our business through "health integrity" and exercising
    managment strategy that supports healthy society to develop our global competitiveness.

    Company Inroduction
    • BTM-1200

      Alkaline Water Ionizer

      Auto CleangingAuto Cleanging & Draining

      Smart SystemProcimity Sensor

      ConvenienceFilter Replacement

    • BEH-0015

      Electric Hob

      High qualityUsed Ceran top plate of Schott in Germany

      Simple & PowerfullElegant design and durable power

      Touch Type ButtonEasy-to-use touch panel

    • BTH-101T

      Hydrogen water device

      High qualityHighly concentrated hydrogen water

      Smart SystemOxygen cleaning system

      ConvenienceEasy to carry slim design

    • BTA-201

      Air purifier

      Two size availableBig/Small

      Smart SystemFilter replacement reminder

      ConvenienceLow noise

    • BTM-1100
    • BTM-1200
    • BTM-507
    • BTC-5004
    • BTM-105DN
    • BTM-100N
    • BTH-101T

    Electrolyzed Hydrogen water that human body likes.

    Biontch’s hydrogen water device


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    Contact Info

    Contact us

    Manufacturer : BionTech Co., Ltd.
    President & CEO : Gyudae Cho Address : 298-15, Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do(Geumjeong-dong), South Korea.15809

    Business registration number : 123-81-54813
    Medical equipment sales registration number : No. 226 Telemarketing registration : 2013-Gyeonggi Gunpo-0145

    Sales Company : BionTech Life Co., Ltd.
    President & CEO : Guydae Cho Address : 298-11,
    Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (Geumjeong-dong), South Korea.15809

    Business registration number : 123-86-38628
    Medical equipment sales registration number :
    Telemarketing registration : 2017-Gyeonggi Gunpo-0442

    TEL : 1899-9336 Weekdays : 09:00~19:00, Saturdays : 09:00~14:00 | Closed on weekends and holidays